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Through this project, we strive to provide free online psychological counseling for teenagers and young people aged 14-35 in crisis situations as well as professional, interpersonal and family problems.

We aim to collaborate with as many volunteers as possible (psychologists and professionals from various fields with extensive experience to provide the needed support) to be available as soon as possible to those seeking answers.

A team made up of psychologists and professionals from various fields will offer professional support and guidance to every young person: those in crisis and impasse, those wishing to give up negative habits, or those seeking personal and professional development.

Young people will also receive the support they need to help them overcome trauma and find emotional balance.







Psychological counseling serves as support in a wide variety of life situations, such as the need to talk to someone, about how one is feeling, or the desire to be understood and heard.


Everyone is different, whether you tend to put off important things for later, are under a lot of stress, need to build confidence in your abilities, feel lonely or have difficulty relating to others. The REthink platform offers a wide range of projects to meet all the needs of young people.


REthink counselors will be available to all teenagers and young people who need support during any difficult time in their lives, and will help them living a life that matches their personal goals and values.

Vocational counseling offers support in making career choices, in analyzing the options available, and in determining the best opportunities when choosing a school, university, or job. But also for those who fear being trapped in an unsatisfying career or are concerned about financial problems that may prevent them from pursuing their desired academic path.


Together with counselors, you will discover your personal interests, values and skills to find yourself in the workplace.

Life coaching focuses on what's happening now, what the person wants next, and how you can remove that barrier. 

Each Life Coach will encourage and advise young people on a variety of professional and personal issues. In particular, they will seek to help them with specific career projects, personal goals, and transitions.


At REthink, a life coach is someone with some life experience and a successful career who will help young people define their goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. The goal of a life coach is to help young people maximize their potential to realize their goals.







It is intended for anyone who is in a potentially traumatic situation where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. It could be a loss or an unexpected event that has turned your entire inner world upside down.

Our counselors will be there for you and help you find the most appropriate solutions, you will find the right person to listen to you and help you free yourself from the overwhelming thoughts and emotions to restore your emotional stability.

Group therapy is a safe space for emotional release, self-discovery mediated by others and group dynamics led by a psychologist.


Therapy groups are provided for teenagers and young people who have experienced disappointments and failures in relationships, are dealing with a recent loss, or want to overcome an addiction.

The focus of these support groups is on interaction between group members, self-disclosure, and learning from similar experiences. Young people will meet other young people just like them who are facing similar difficulties and realize that they are not alone in their suffering.

Premarital counseling is for all those who want to get married and want to ensure a strong relationship and a happy family.
It is also intended for those who: have doubts or anxieties about their choices, want to improve communication, want to find balance in their relationship or want to discover in advance problems that may arise or agreements and disagreements that will later become sources of conflict.


Counselors will help young people build relationships with open communication, clear boundaries and realistic expectations in their lives as a couple.



This type of counseling is for families who have tensions in their family life and want to improve their relationship.

We offer counseling to those who feel like their opinions don't matter, feel misunderstood, or feel pressured to accept things and situations that hurt them. They can't communicate, important topics are constantly avoided in the family, conflicts are usual, or they are in pain when relationships change.

Our counselors can help them improve their own family relationships and establish a harmonious family life. The family should be an environment that fosters the development of all family members, where their individuality and privacy are respected and decisions are made by mutual agreement.


REthink by reading is designed to provide teenagers and young people with a significant amount of articles and other valuable materials for anyone interested in self-actualization and changing their lives for the better.In addition, through the REthink library, young people will have access to the most useful books on personal development, relationships, business, thinking, etc.

Woman Enjoying a Book

Here, young people will find answers and information on what is success in life, personal fulfillment, potential, and spirituality, which encourages them to be self-aware, healthy, and confident in their abilities.

We strive for a series of materials on various topical issues, written by experts from various fields in accessible language and with a positive impact on a wide audience.
We will reach out to the best experts from Moldova and other countries to gather the most relevant articles analyzing topics of interest to teenagers and young people.

This project is intended to provide additional resources for development.

The platform through the REthink by reading project gives teenagers and young people more opportunities to get support and get the right answers at the right time.


We are committed to using all channels to help solve problems and make a difference in the lives of those teenagers and young people who want it.







REthink Café





As part of this educational project, we will offer young people the opportunity to participate in courses (online/offline), events, interviews and workshops where they will receive useful information that will have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives.


The Counseling and Personal Development Center at REthink is striving to provide young people with support, a safe space, and valuable experiences that can change their lives. This educational project is another way to achieve our main goal.

Interactive activities and topics covered by experts from various fields such as:


Personal development, relationships, socialization and communication, vocation and professional development, health and wellness, principles and values, education and culture will bring young people with common interests together in a relaxed atmosphere - the REthink Café. The REthink by learning project is designed to give young people the strength, determination and enthusiasm that will drive them to continual development.

The goal of this project is to educate and develop students intellectually, emotionally, physically, interpersonally and financially through various workshops at schools/colleges and the creation of themed podcasts.

College Students

Through partnerships with schools and gymnasiums across the country, we aim to reach as many young people and teenagers as possible with the following topics/seminars:

Financial Literacy, Negative Impact of Technology on the Human Brain, Freedom from Addictions, Friendship and more.

Seminars will be taught by professionals from various fields with the goal of touching on all topics of great interest and providing the best content.

We aim to work with as many volunteers as possible (including community leaders) who want to work together to build a generation of confident, healthy and responsible people.


Through the REthink by listening project, we are able to reach teenagers who have not had the opportunity to learn about the platform.


Thus, in addition to receiving valuable information through these podcasts and workshops, students will also be informed about the platform, where they can get free psychological counseling and find various resources for learning and change.


The REthink by listening project aims to expose participants to information and people with a high degree of influence and relevance in the community.





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Volunteering is a way to make friends, helping to solve social problems and develop as a person.


We invite you to join us if you would like to get involved in REthink activities.

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Together we can contribute to the emotional, intellectual, relational, physical and financial development of teenagers and young people in Moldova. You can get involved with the REthink team in one of the following fields: psychological counseling, writing articles or other educational materials, online courses, speaker events, coaching seminars, events, fundraising, and marketing.



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